cat·a·lyst \ ˈka-tə-ləst

An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

Do you need a catalyst? We are here to help!


Who We Are

Catalyst Solutions Holdings, Inc. - we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Often times, people need a catalyst for change in their small business lives. We are that catalyst. A team of dedicated professionals with one common goal - your best interest. We are about helping and delivering the change necessary so that you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let’s face it, owning and managing a small business is no easy task. It takes a full on commitment to make the business run. We are here to make sure it is running as smoothly as possible with your return on investment in mind.   [more...]

What We Do

Catalyst is an organization that provides guidance, support and direction for small business owners while insuring that you’re at the reins every step of the way. Our mission is to make sure you are getting the most out of your business. Through our people, we are helping owners achieve their goals and maximize their returns. Give us a trial run, it can change your life.

We don’t want your business to be a statistic. Take advantage of the Catalyst DEEP DIVE business evaluation. We understand that before you can initiate positive change, you need a starting point, the DEEP DIVE represents that starting point. Our approach is to thoroughly assess your business and provide you with solid and thoughtful feedback.   [more...]

Helping Small Business → One Client at a Time.



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Succession Planning
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Legal Structure
Expansion Planning


Sales Agenda
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Digitial Assets


Process & Systems
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Inventory Control
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Forecasting Analysis
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Financial Controls

Catalyst Solutions, Inc. Processes



Conclude a thorough DEEP DIVE Business Review. Identify areas of opportunity.



Bring change to life within the business. Execute on those opportunity areas identified..


Plan (Business/Tax):
Establish a concise plan for YOUR future and the future of your business. Requires thoughtful assessment and precise execution.



Monitor to insure proper execution and follow through. Inspect what you expect.

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Why do a DEEP DIVE? It is very important to get a starting point, an understanding of your business as it is running today. We want to see your business as it operates NOW. In fact, as a general rule, the busier you and your business are, the better. This represents a tremendous opportunity to better identify your operational issues and potential inefficiencies. This is all about accentuating your positives and mitigating your negatives.

The DEEP DIVE is a very efficient process. We understand that you have a business to run, hence, our approach is respectful of that fact and we will not disrupt your business flow. We request upwards of two (2) hours in a kick off meeting to discuss your business challenges as well as a discussion of what to expect while we are on the ground involved in your business. Our Analyst will diligently work with the appropriate personnel to gain the information necessary for a thorough evaluation. Lastly, we will spend upwards of two (2) hours with ownership discussing our findings and an appropriate action plan to remedy any and all identified opportunities. The DEEP DIVE is generally completed in two or three days time.

Our deliverables include a thorough evaluation of your business, an economic review of what can be done to improve profitability, discussion of an action plan to resolve issues and a proposal from Catalyst to assist in implementing the recommended changes.


Business Optimization

Maximize the positives and successfully remediate the negatives in your business.

Positive Change Drivers

We are experts at helping small business implement change.


Leverage Catalyst to maximize your Return on Investment.


Catalyst News

17 October 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources

Health and government officials are working together to maintain the safety, security, and health of the American people. Small businesses are encouraged to do their part to keep their employees, customers, and themselves healthy.

Catalyst News

02 November 2020

Negative Impact of Pandemic on Small Business is Weakening

Slowly but surely, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic response on American small businesses is weakening.

Catalyst News

19 September 2020

Small Businesses Get Creative to Survive During the Pandemic

Innovations adopted during the coronavirus crisis drive revenue and generate new opportunities.