Exit Strategies – One can never plan too early with an exit strategy in mind. Have you considered the details of what your exit will look like?

Succession Planning – Establishing a clear succession plan takes time. It is easy to put this off but you must find the time to make it a priority.

Strategy Planning – Do you have a strategic plan in place or do you simply take each day as it comes? Be prepared and proactive.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Are you open to this type of opportunity? Any idea what your business is worth?

Legal Structure – Why did you choose the structure of your business (LLC, S, C, etc.)? A review and change could be in order.

Expansion Planning – Do you want to grow? If you do, have you prepared a plan of action to insure you properly navigate through the many challenges growth brings?

Catalyst Solutions, Inc. Strategic


Sales Agenda – Are you managing the sales process and agenda? Is your compensation plan sound and producing results?

Marketing Plan – Are your marketing collaterals fresh and compelling or are they old and tired? Do you have a plan for change?

Branding – So important yet so often overlooked. Consistency in presentation and delivery is critical.

Digital Assets – Are you managing your digital assets or are they managing you?

Advertising – How effective is your campaign? Are you open to new ideas?

Catalyst Solutions, Inc. Performance


Process & Systems – Have you evaluated your processes and systems? Are they effective or do they create more challenges than they solve?

Policy & Procedures – Critically important to insure consistency and execution. Inspect what you expect.

Human Resources – How much time is devoted to HR? People are a critical investment and talent development is your highest priority.

Purchasing – A sound purchasing program is important to smooth operations. How involved are you in sourcing best value inputs?

Inventory Control – Sound inventory management and controls are critically important to operations and customer satisfaction.

Technology Utilization – Do you run towards technology utilization or from it? It is 2020 and your ability to use technology should be a huge part of your strategy.

Catalyst Solutions, Inc. Operational


Accounting – Are you getting the data you need to manage and run your business effectively? How about the software – being utilized to potential?

Finance – What is driving your business? Where are you making you money? 

Forecasting Analysis – Do you have any financial analysis models in place? Do you properly evaluate your opportunities?

Budgeting – Fail to plan, you plan to fail is an old cliché’. You must budget and have a plan.

Cash Management – Do you understand cash flow? Do you have an effective cash flow model?

Financial Controls – It is imperative you have financials controls in place. Again, inspect what you expect.

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